KCR unable to tolerate SC and Muslim leaders on top posts: Cong

Hyderabad, March 16 (NSS): Calling Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao as anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim, the Congress party has alleged that KCR was unable to see a Dalit and a Muslim leader top post in opposition.
            Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Saturday, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Spokesperson Syed Nizamuddin alleged that KCR has engineered defections in Congress party only to strip Shabbir Ali, a Muslim leader, from the position of Leader of Opposition in Council. “Three MLCs who defected from TRS to Congress were immediately disqualified. But four Congress MLCs who defected to TRS were merged with the ruling party. This was done only to remove Shabbir Ali from the post of Leader of Opposition. KCR was unable to tolerate a Muslim holding the top position of LoP, which is also a cabinet rank,” he said.
            Similarly, Nizamuddin said that the Chief Minister was engineering defection of Congress MLAs to TRS, as he could not see Bhatti Vikarmarka Mallu, a Dalit leader, having the post of Leader of Opposition in Assembly. “KCR simply hates Dalits sitting on top positions and therefore, he hatched a plan to snatch that post from Bhatti Vikramarka.
            The Congress leader said that TRS had won 88 seats and lost on 31 seats. “Instead of giving respect to the mandate given by the people, KCR is displaying too much of arrogance. Unfortunately, he said KCR has shown arrogance against Muslim and Dalits leaders. “KCR is not targeting just the Congress party. But he is targeting the community leaders. In 2014, he began his career as CM by insulting a Dalit leader from his own party by unceremoniously removing Dr. Rajaiah from the post of Deputy CM. Till today, no one knows why Dr. Rajaiah was removed as Deputy CM,” He Said.
            Nizamuddin said KCR in his first term had purchased 25 MLAs and nearly two dozen MLCs. In the first three months of second term as CM, he purchased 6 MLAs and 4 MLCs of opposition parties. “KCR wants to continue the buying spree till he snatches the status of main opposition from Congress. But what will he achieve by doing so?” he asked while announcing that the Congress party will continue to oppose his anti-people and undemocratic policies even if it is left with a single ordinary worker. He said Congress is a cadre-based party and it has a rich history of fighting and defeating tyrants like KCR.
            “KCR is now dreaming of going at the national level with his Federal Front. He wants to bring ‘Qualitative Change’ in politics. Today KCR is purchasing MLAs and MLCs of opposition parties. He might be planning to open a branch in Delhi to indulge in sale and purchase of MPs at the national level. For KCR, ‘Qualitative Change’ may stand for legalisation of horse trading and defections in violation of Constitution,” he said.
            Nizamuddin said TRS leaders have been claiming that KCR would become Prime Minister if their party wins 16 seats. “Is KCR planning to implement Telangana model and buy 256 MPs from other parties to form the government? BJP is implementing a same model of ‘Operation Black Kamal’ in Gujarat and Karnataka,” he said.
            Stating that time has come to end the undemocratic rule of KCR, he challenged the Chief Minister to face elections in a free and fair manner through ballot papers. He said KCR must stop manipulative practices and EVM tampering to check if he really enjoys the support of people. He said democracy in Telangana can be restored only if Congress comes to power at the Centre.

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