Safir News has published an authentic report that how a corporate lobby is trying to take control of IZM schools in Hyderabad. In this connection the name of Focus Soft Net Co. was reported because its partner Mr. Ahmed Ali is a member of IZM board who is striving hard to bring changes in the management of IZM schools. He is deputing staff from his own corporate school to IZM  giving reason of  poor performance of the students. Mr. Baquer Hassan an other director of the same school and a member of IZM board is also making efforts to bring changes in IZM schools.
The management of corporate school at Darulshifa is claiming that their school provides the best and quality education and collecting huge amounts towards fees and other charges.In reality this school has not made any remarkable progress , results of SSC board exam was poor and some students failed in the exams. How teachers of such school can provide  good education to the students of IZM schools. With money you can buy many things but not every thing. If you pay handsome salaries to teacher it wll not help to improve the quality of education.
IZM is an old organisation , it should focus in improvement of their staff and education system with proper training and interaction with others. Bringing corporate envoirnment in IZM schools will shatter the dreams of poor and eligible students who are unable to bear the heavy educational expenses. Such transition should not be allowed otherwise the parents may protest against the IZM board and management.
In response to Safir News dated 8th February 2019 the management of Focus Soft Net Co. clarified that it has neither any connection with such corporate school  at Darulshifa nor with the management of IZM schools.

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