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Govt is encouraging belt shops inTelangana ; alleges Mahila Congress Chief

Hyderabad, Sept.25 :Telangana State Mahila Congress president Sunitha Rao today alleged that the state government was encouraging the continuation of illegal belt shops in the state.
Speaking to media persons, she alleged that the police, who are supposed to take action against the owners of the belt shops, were doing lathi charge on those women who are agitating against the continuation of the belt shops. She warned that the Mahila congress leaders would conduct raids on the belt shops of the state . She criticized that the state women cabinet ministers were not even reacting on the problems faced by the women of the state. She alleged that several state cabinet ministers were operating pubs and clubs in the name of benamis.
She said that banned drugs and liquor were ruling the roost in Telangana State . She mocked that some state cabinet ministers were consuming banned gutkas publicly and encouraging others to consume the same. She said that the CM of the state and state ministers were not giving them appointments to lodge complaint with them . She made it clear that the state government should take up the responsibility for the increasing amount of crime rate in the state

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