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US lawmaker ‘Ilhan Omar’ urges probe into two decades of civilian killings in Afghanistan

Ilhan Omar, US Muslim lawmaker has reacted to a recent confession by US army over mistaken drone attack on civilians in Kabul which led to death of ten civilians including seven children and called for international probe into the attack.

Omar slammed two decades of secret drone attacks by US army in Afghanistan which led to death of thousands of civilians urging for full investigation into the August drone attack on a vehicle in Kabul which left ten civilians including seven children dead.

“Apology is not enough” said the US lawmaker Omar and added,” We owe to the families of the victims, admit the crimes committed, compensate and allow international investigation into the crime.”

Kayleigh McEnany, former White House press secretary also said,” We found that the US drone attack on Kabul has not targeted Daesh terrorists but left 10 civilians including seven children dead. This is unbelievable” slamming the Biden administration over the shameful act in the international arena.

US General McKenzie admitted the army probe into a US drone attack against Kabul in August has shown ten civilians killed and that event the driver could not be counted a threat from ISIL-K.

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