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Federation to buy fish to help fishermen: Harish, Talasani attend fish prg at Siddipet

Hyderabad, Sept.8 : Finance Minister T Harish Rao today stated that the government plans to provide more benefits to fishermen community in future. Soon the Government will buy the fish by the state Federation from the fishermen directly and help avoid middleman.
Along with Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Minister, Talasani Srinivas Yadav Harish Rao participated in fish dropping program at two places in Siddipet district here.
Speaking on the occasion, the Finance Minister said that the federation will get the fish produce from the fishermen. Harish Rao further said that the government is determined to help the fishermen get more benefits. He appealed that the fishermen should avoid selling the fish at cheap prices and get losses. Do not sell your fish products at low price as that will cause you a loss, he said adding that the government will take action in this regard. We will press in the federation a d high officials concerned he said.
The Finance Minister said that the state fish federation and other officials will coordinate for the purpose. Harish Rao said that Srimivas Yadav is showing mire interest in benefiting the fishermen.
So the plan is to press in the fisheries federation to buy your products, Rao added. The officials were directed to take action and make necessary arrangements in this regard, the Minister said.
Fisheries Minister Srinivas Yadav said that the KCR Government is for development of the fishermen with more support. The CM he said is giving more funds towards fishermen welfare, the Minister said. With Corona norms in place we have dropped fish and prawns at multiple places to benefit the fishermen, he claimed.
Harish Rao dropped the fish and prawn at Ranganayak Sagar in Chandalapur and Komatibanda lake, he said.
The Fisheries Minister said that the Ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs and local leaders attended the same and dropped the fish and prawns in the lakes, ponds and tanks in the districts they represent.
For this fish dropping program we all follow corona norms like wearing masks and sanitizing the hands he said.
The local leaders to participated in the program of fish dropping in the lakes and water bodies to made it a big success by wearing masks and sanitising the hands, he said. The state government, he said, is committed to support professional communities through several welfare programs.
He also said that the Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao is determined to extend financial support to the professionals. The minister said that the Government has been reviving these communities to continue to earn more income through regular practices. This year too the state government will take up the fish and prawn in lakes, tanks, and water bodies as planned, he said.
The government plans to spend Rs 80 cr to drop about 93 cr of fish in 30,000 lakes, water bodies and ponds across the selected districts. He said that the government will spend Rs 25 cr to drop 10 crore of prawns in 200 lakes, tanks and ponds.
The Minister said that previous year the government spent Rs 51.80 cr 68.52 fish in the 18,335 water resources. As the government spent Rs 8.61 cr and dropped 4 cr prawns in 93 lakes and ponds last year, he added.
He hoped that the federation will make sure that the fishermen get benefits.

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