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Vice President calls for fighting divisive forces and strengthening the unity of nation

Hyderabad, Sept.4 (Safir News): Vice President, M. Venkaiah Naidu today called upon the people to fight against divisive forces that seek to divide society on lines of religion, region, language, caste, creed or colour. He said that in the 75th year of our independence, every Indian must take a pledge to further strengthen unity and harmony in our hugely diverse society.
Addressing the students and teachers of Sri Aurobindo International School, here after inaugurating the photo-exhibition on the life of Sri Aurobindo, the Vice President emphasised that bridging all divisions was necessary for the greatness of India’s future. Highlighting the positive aspects of religion, he said that if everyone follows one’s religion in true spirit, there will not be any religious conflict.
Reiterating Sri Aurobindo’s vision for India’s spirituality, Naidu said that a reawakening needs to come about in terms of India’s rich legacy of spiritual wisdom which would need to be recast into new forms and expressions to make it globally relevant and in keeping with the contemporary times. Stating that Bharat Mata needs to delve deep into her own treasures he exhorted the Indian youth to be independent and original in their thinking, drawing upon native sources instead of being content as poor imitators of the west. The Vice President also called for rewriting Indian history with an Indian perspective to instil a sense of pride in our glorious cultural heritage among the younger generation.
Recalling Sri Aurobindo’s clarion call to re-establish the greater cultural and spiritual India, Naidu said that spirituality is the master key of India’s great culture whose greatness needs to be rediscovered by reliving it in our daily life. The Vice President also said that GDP growth and wealth creation are not an end in themselves, rather they are means to bring happiness in people’s lives which should be our ultimate aim.
Describing Sri Aurobindo as a great revolutionary Yogi, philosopher, poet and freedom fighter, the Vice President said that he remains an eternal source of inspiration for every Indian. “Through his speeches and writings, he not only kindled a strong desire for complete independence among the masses but also focused on spiritual regeneration of the nation”, he added.
He appreciated the school forputting up a beautiful photo-exhibition on the ‘The Sacred Journey of Sri Aurobindo’s Life’ on the occasion of his 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations. Students of Sri Aurobindo School made presentations in Sanskrit, Telugu and English and gave lively rendition of Sri Aurobindo’s life through Burrakatha. Naidu appreciated the performances by the students depicting India’s glorious culture, rich traditions and the message of Sri Aurobindo.
RamachandruTejavath, Advisory Member Celebration Sri Aurobindo, Special Representative of Telangana, Prof. T. Tirupati Rao, Chairman Governing Body, Chancellor of Manipur University, Dr.Chhalamayi Reddy, Principal, Sri Aurobindo International School, teachers, staff and students were among those present on the occasion.

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