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Ayathullah Ibrahim Raeesi for Iran future



By Syed jaffer Husaain editor Sada-e-Hussaini daily

Congratulations to the people of Islamic Republic of Iran , where
ever they reside, for electing such a highly educated president who contributed in all sphere of life and devoted to serve his country post Islamic revolution. Do we know who he is and what his credential are ?
His background and contributions are briefly penned down in the following.:

1. born in the Holi city of Mashad in 1960.

2. Became an orphan at the age of 5.

3. At the age of 15 he left for Qum to pursue Islamic studies.

4. Completed gegree in Ijtihad.

5. Passed M.Phil in International Law.

6. Completed P.hd in private law.

7. He was professor in the subject of Dars e Kharij in Tahran.

8. Assumed charge as Vice Chairperson of the Assembly of the expert.

9. His wife Jamila Alam al Huda is a P.hd in philosophy of Education and she is Iran’s first class female scholar

10.After the Islamic Revolution in 1979 Sayyad Raesi was appointed District Attorney at the age of 20 in the court of Karaj.

11.He was made incharge for judicial supervision of many provinces.

12.Despite the busy schedule of judiciary Supreme Commander Ayatullah Khaminai appointed him as trustee of the shrine of Imam Raza (AS).

When such a person highly educated and with vast experience in public life enters to lead the country the nation is benifited with his honesty and selfless leadership. Education, honesty, selfnessness will be reflected in all the decisions he will take while leading the country and establishing relations with the neighbours.

Post revolution in Iran the system is grooming such highly educated, religious and motivated personalities to lead the nation under the supervision of the Supreme Commander . They all are ardent supporters and very obedient to their Supreme Commander. The selection of such people as President or Prime Minister shows the mindset of the people of the country.

We hope the President of Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatullah Sayyad Ibrahim Raesi under his able administration will lead Iran very efficiently and successfully in general and particularly to strengthen the relations with our country India.

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