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Banks to have 12 holidays in May

Hyderabad, April 25 : The banks from the state will have 12 holidays in the upcoming month May. The first day of May is a holiday on account of Maharashtra May or May day. The next day of the month is a Sunday, which is a general holiday.
The banks will remain close on account of Jummatul Vidha on May 7 and the following day is also holiday for the banks on account of the second Saturday. The Ramzan festival will be celebrated on May 14 . The May 16 of the next month will be a Sunday and the banks will remain close on May 22 of the same month on account of the fourth Saturday and the following day of the May will be the fourth Sunday.
The banks will remain close on May 26 on account of Buddha Purnima and the last Sunday of the month will fall on May 30 taking the total number of holidays to 12. The banks will also function for four hours a day to the spread of the Covid 19 virus. The decision to work for just four hours was taken following an advise by Indian banks association (IBA). The IBA has asked all the State Level Bankers Committees (SLBC) to take steps for the ensuring four hours work till the situation becomes normal in the country.

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