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Postpone municipal elections: Aruna demands

Hyderabad, April 21 : Bharatiya Janata Party national vice president DK Aruna on Wednesday demanded the state government to postpone the elections to the Urban Local Bodies. In a statement she said that there was no use in reducing the campaign hours as the Corona Virus was spreading fast. Continuing the campaign would lead to spread of Corona at a fast pace. She said that the number of Covid cases was rising at alarming rate in the state. She said that till 8 pm yesterday about 6,542 positive cases have been registered in the state, which was a new high. She said that the number of active cases in the state was 46,488.Aruna asked that the Chief Minister should take care of health of the people. Lives of the people and political leaders should be protected by postponing the elections. She made it clear that if the cases continue to rise at the present pace, it would be difficult for the voters even to reach the polling booths. The Chief Minister should not consider holding the elections as a prestigious issue and postpone them. She pointed out that the number of positive cases has risen sharply in Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency after the completion of the polling process there. Every day number of political leaders and common people has been testing positive to Covid. Similarly the ongoing electoral process in Warangal and Khammam Municipal Corporations and other municipalities would lead to explosion of Covid cases in those cities and towns.

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