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Farewell to Consul General Of Iran

Maulana Syed Taqi Raza Abedi president tanzeem e Jafferi along with Maulana Syed Liaqat Hussain Razvi Sahab Sajjad nasheen Ashtana e Razavi and Syed Jaffer Hussain editor Sada-e-Hussaini felicitated His Excellency Honourable mr Agha E Haqqbin Qummi, Consul General Islamuc Republic of Iran, Hyderabad and bid him farewell. He completes his 3.5 yrs term. In his tenure here, he worked tirelessly to strengthen the historic ties between India and Iran. He encouraged trade and cultural ties between the two countries. He also expressed his thanks to Maulana Taqi Agha Sahab for his work towards upliftment of society and for promoting inter religious dialogue and unity.Moulana Fasiuddin Nizami Mr Najm ul Hasan Razavi Mr Naqi Mosavi mr Gulam Hussain others were present.

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