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Telangana : Home Guard rescues injured Python, releases it in forest

Hyderabad: A rock python, that got itself entangled in a fishing net, was rescued by a police home guard, who took it to the veterinarian and released it in the forest area after treating it for injuries. This heart-warming incident took place in Wanaparthy town of Telangana.

The home guard Cheerla Krishna Sagar is well-known in South Telangana districts as the founder of Sagar Snake Society and for his relentless efforts to rescue snakes and educate people about the importance of snakes in ecological preservation.

Sagar got a call from some people about the 11-foot-long rock python that was entagled in the fishing nets. “I and some snake society volunteers rushed to the spot and rescued the wounded snake. We had to struggle for over an hour to get the snake out of the fishing net. Since it was wounded severely, we took it to a veterinarian and later released it in the forest area,” Krishna Sagar recalled while talking to Telangana Today over phone.

The injured Rock python being treated in Wanaparthy before it was released in forest.

Krishna Sagar, a home guard working in Wanaparthy town, had been rescuing snakes for the past eight years now. He has carried out hundreds of snake rescue missions so far. He also rescued most venomous snakes found in Asia.

It all began when a rat-snake bit Krishna at his father’s farming land. Out of fear and assuming that every snake is venomous, he immediately killed it. The doctor too, could not identify the snake as non-venomous and gave him an anti-venom injection which resulted in adverse reactions and had to approach another doctor. Another doctor identified that the snake that bit him was non-venomous and gave him another dose to cure the reaction of the anti-venom.

“I felt bad that I had unnecessarily killed a snake without knowing it was helpful to farmers as it eats rats,” he recalls. At that point, Krishna decided to do some research on snakes. He started watching National Geographic channel, reading books and articles to understand which snakes were venomous and how to rescue them.

Soon enough Krishna started rescuing snakes and eventually established a Sagar Snake Society which enlists help of some 30 volunteers. He is also instrumental in spreading awareness about their ecological importance to the farmers and changing superstitious beliefs and practices among people.

He said he receives at least five calls for help every day from Mahbubnagar, Nagarkurnool, Narayanpet and Wanaparthy. He makes sure to attend every one of them. “Sometimes people attempt to handle or kill the snake since they don’t want to shell out money for snake rescuers. Therefore, I refuse to charge people. The expenses of reaching the location and buying equipment come from my earnings,” Krishna said.

Though the police department has been supporting him since the beginning, Krishna is seeking assistance from the government so that he can step up his rescue mission.

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