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Here’s the beds availability position in Govt and private hospitals in TS

There are 17,857 vacant beds available for Covid-19 patients in Government hospitals and private teaching hospitals in the State as on Wednesday, according to the health bulletin. The beds in private teaching hospitals are being made available for free of cost by the State government. In Government hospitals across the State, there are 5897 vacant beds available while the total number of beds available in corporate hospitals across the State is 2596.

Beds in Government hospitals and private teaching hospitals (combined)

Isolation beds: 12, 284 (available) 764 (occupied) 11, 520 (vacant)

Oxygen Beds: 5861 (available) 1406 (occupied) 4455 (vacant)

ICU beds: 2, 251 (available) 369 (occupied) 1882 (vacant)

Total: 20,396 (available) 2,539 (occupied) 17,857 (vacant)

Beds in only Government Hospitals:

Regular isolation beds: 2522 (Total); 764 (Occupied); 1758 (Vacant)

Beds with Oxygen supply: 4663 (total); 1406 (Occupied); 3257 (vacant)

ICU beds with ventilators: 1251 (total); 369 (Occupied); 882 (vacant)

Total: 8436 (total); 2539 (occupied); 5897 (vacant)

Beds in private hospitals:

Regular isolation beds: 2805 (Total); 1582 (Occupied); 1223 (Vacant)

Beds with Oxygen supply: 2510 (total); 1673 (Occupied); 837 (vacant)

ICU beds with ventilators: 1307 (total); 771 (Occupied); 536 (vacant)

Total: 6622 (total): 4026 (occupied); 2596 (vacant).

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