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special cell to curb forest wood smuggling sets up CM KCR

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao called for unified efforts to revive lost forest cover in the State and warned stern action on smugglers who resort to illegal chopping and transport of wood. He declared that a special cell has been created which will be reporting to the secretary forest department on such incidents.

Speaking at the inaugural of the sixth phase of Haritha Haram in Narsapur of Medak district on Thursday, the Chief Minister called for people’s participation in reviving the lost forest cover in the State. He said that he has directed the police and the forest department to strictly contain smuggling of forest treasure assuring them all the support they require from his office.

Smugglers used to have political backing in the days of combined AP. The indifferent attitude of the then government resulted in the vanishing of forests. Now no one can save the culprits, I have already started gathering information and directed officials to spare no one,” he said.
He said that the forest department has been sanctioned 200 jobs, and provided with 2200 vehicles so that they can work efficiently. Asking the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) R Shobha to weed out elements in the department who help the smugglers, he asked people living in the peripheries of forests to become watchdogs.

” In addition of reviving 95,000 acres of forest in Medak district take up additional greening under social forestry. Realize that it is we who has lost the green cover taking the temperatures to 48 degrees centigrade. There used to me shooting of movies in the thick Narsapur forest as it is close to city. I used to drive my own Fiat car through the forest when I was a legislator, what has happened to that forest, where did it go,” the Chief Minister said.

He recalled the days when the rulers of combined AP used to say that people of Telangana did not know how to cultivate, but today Telangana is one of the richest State in the country. We will be able to take up afforestation in a big way with huge amounts of funds. “Telangana is a financially sound State. We have contributed to 55 percent of the nation’s paddy procurement this year according to FCI. Telangana gave door to door potable water through Mission Bhagiratha,” he said. He pointed out that such outcomes are possible if there is a government at the helm of affairs determined to do good for its people.

Recalling the days when he as an MLA tried to organize “Siddipet Haritha Haram” and was unable to procure mere 10,000 saplings, he said that today Telangana has nurseries in every Gram Panchayat and every Panchayat has a tractor and trolley. Under Manjira and haldi Vaagu alone 4500 check dams have been sanctioned to pump up ground water level to help increase green cover,” Chief Minister said. He suggested stricter implementation of distribution of six plants per family to be planted in their premises. “Ask them to name the saplings in the names of family members so that they take care of them like their own,” he said.

Regulated Farming

Checking with the leaders whether the Rytu Bandhu money has been deposited into the accounts of the farmers, the Chief Minister said that if the farmer is rich then rural Telangana is bound to become self reliant.. “Farmers must recover from years of neglect. There must be sufficient bank balance, free power, water in canals and financial assistance in the shape of Rytu Bandhu. What we gave farmers is confidence,” he noted.

Explaining the concept of Regulated Farming, he said that it is not to trouble farmers but to save them from growing something that has no demand in the open market. “Within three months the Rytu Vedikas will be ready. Farmers will be gathering under one roof . If possible I will address them through videoconferencing from Hyderabad. They will then decide who grows what to benefit from the favourable demand supply situation in the market. Farmers must remember that they always should grow less than the demand for a better price,” he suggested.
He said that farmers of a vedika can form as a group under social media platforms so that they can share quick market information. He said that government will assure that the money is deposited into the accounts of the farmer within days after procurement. He said that Regulated farming also means that farmers will be bringing their produce to the markets in a staggered manner and also produce crops in rotation doing away with conventional patterns.

He said that when the State was formed he was aghast to know that no one knew exactly how much rice Telangana needs and the food habits of its people. “Finally I entrusted the work to an institution that said Telanagana requires 1.5 to 2 tons of rice. If you (farmers) grow 4 crore tons then there will be chaos ,” he said giving an example.

Water to Narsapur

Assuring the farmers of Narsapur and Sangereddy areas , that within a year Kaleswaram waters will reach Sangareddy via Narsapur , he advised the people’s representatives to gather public support for creatining required canal network to take waters to the farmers’ fields. He said that he will be returning to Narsapur after six months to release water into Pillutla canal. He also assured that Zaheerabad will also receive water from Singur with the help of a Lift.
He added that the government ensured water is in canals of Suryapet district for over six months. “We are not inferior to anyone as the people of Andhra Pradesh have made us to believe. If farmers and students realize their potential then no one can stop Telangana from becoming number one,” he said.

Sops for Medak

Declaring Rs 25 lakh special grant to all the 208 Gram Panchayats in Medak district marking his visit, the Chief Minister said that all the Mandal headquarters will receive Rs 7 crore each as a special grant to undertake need based development activities. For Narsapur Municipality the Chief Minister granted Rs 25 crore. He said that all the funds will be released in two phases considering the just recovering financial position of the State.

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