Congress accuses CM KCR of playing with people’s lives

Former Minister & ex-Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir has alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao was playing with the lives of common people by mishandling the Coronavirus situation in Telangana State.

            Addressing party cadres on social media platform Facebook on Wednesday, Shabbir Ali said even after four months, the State Government has no clear action plan to deal with the Coronavirus situation. He said that the KCR Government failed to trace, test and treat the people affected with Coronavirus at an appropriate time. Casual approach and delayed decisions nullified the measures that were taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Consequently, now the deadly virus has taken the entire Telangana State into its grip, especially after the relaxation in lockdown since June 1.

            He expressed serious concern over the huge rise in Covid-19 positive cases in Telangana since June 1  and feared that they might increase further. “On an average, one in every five samples which are being tested are found Covid-19 positive. At this rate, there is a possibility of Telangana having more than 50,000 Active cases in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, KCR Govt did not make any efforts to handle the situation by upgrading the health infrastructure. All private hospitals are already filled to the capacity with no more beds left to accommodate new cases. There is no manpower or infrastructure in government hospitals to deal with the rising number of cases,” he alleged.

            As on June 23, Shabbir Ali said that there were 5,109 Active Covid-19 Positive Cases in the State. He said that the State Government is unable to handle the existing cases due to shortage of manpower and other facilities. He said the entire burden has been put on Gandhi Hospital and no other hospital was upgraded despite the fact that many experts have predicted spurt in Covid-19 cases. The much-hyped Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) at Gachibowli was nothing but a lodge as it does not have any doctors, para-medical staff, medicines or other facilities. Other government hospitals, identified for Covid-19 treatment, lack required facilities, he alleged.

            Ali alleged that the KCR Government has lost precious time and did not make any preparations to deal with the present worst scenario which was predicted long ago by many experts. He said that the Chief Minister did not respond to the positive suggestions given by the Congress party and created a false impression that Covid-19 was under control. He said the situation would have been different if the State Government would’ve conducted Covid-19 testing at a massive scale in the month of April. “Since no testing was done, thousands of people remained ignorant that they were Covid-19 positive and they had spread the virus unconsciously by moving along with the general public,” he said adding that CM KCR was responsible for the huge rise in the number of cases.

He also expressed serious concern over the huge rise in positive cases in Hyderabad, especially South and Zone. Incidentally, these were represented by the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen. “I appeal to MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi to pressurise CM KCR to conduct more tests in the Old City and ensure free treatment. People have been voting for your party for the last 52 years and it is your duty to protect their lives. You Tweet about everything in support of TRS Govt and KTR. But why are you afraid of questioning CM KCR on his failure to trace, test and treat Covid-19 patients in Hyderabad? Stop fearing KCR and try to protect the lives of people who’ve voted for you,” he isad.

 `The Congress leader also slammed BJP National President JP Nadda and Health Minister Etala Rajender for indulging in blame game. “Both BJP and TRS are ruling parties at the Centre and State. Instead of taking corrective measures to deal with the situation, they are blaming each other for worsening the crisis. They should focus on saving people’s lives rather than finding excuses to skip criticism for failures,” he advised.

            “If the BJP genuinely believes that TRS Govt mishandled Covid-19 situation, then it should ask its own government at the Centre to declare a Health Emergency in Telangana and take control of the situation. Similarly, if TRS leaders truly believe that the Central Govt did injustice with Telangana, then CM KCR did not raise this issue during the video-conference with the Prime Minister,” he said while accusing both TRS and BJP of diverting people’s attention from their failures by indulging in cheap blame game.

            Shabbir Ali also condemned the Telangana Police for permitting the ruling party leaders, including ministers, to organise public events in violation of Covid-19 guidelines. He alleged that a few police officials were behaving like TRS workers and targetting the Congress party leaders. Stating that he was placed under house arrest thrice this month, he asked whether Covid-19 rules were applicable only for Congress leaders.

            Stating that the KCR Government was incapable of handling Covid-19 situation, he appealed to the people to take all precautions to stay safe.

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