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A haven for birds narsapur Forest

Narsapur Reserve Forest Area, where the Chief Minister, K Chandrashekar Rao is set to launch Telangana Ku Haritha Haram on June 25, is a paradise for birds. The Reserve Forest, spread in over 11,576 hectares, is home for as many as 256 bird species. Out of 434 bird species recorded in entire Telangana State, people can watch, photograph and document 60 percent of bird species found in Telangana State in Narsapur alone. Since Narsapur is located very close to Hyderabad city, it has turned into a hotspot for bird watchers and ornithologists, who would make regular visits to the forest for watching and recording the birds and their activity.

While 173 out of 256 bird species spotted here were native birds, which resides and breeds in Narsapur forest, as many as 83 bird were classified as migrant birds Narsapur forest area by seasoned birders. The migrant birds would visit the forest during the winter and summer and they would left to native places once their chicks got matured enough to fly with them. Hyderabad Birding Pals (HBP) has been regularly hosting bird walks in Narsapur forest area with an aim to photograph and document the presence of the bird species.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Sriram Reddy, a seasoned birder from Hyderabad and a member of HBP, has said the forest is a home for some rare bird species. Saying that there was a need to put some systematic efforts to document the presence of birds in Narsapur forest area because they believe that the forest is home for many more species, the seasoned birdwatcher has said that a critically endangered white-rumped vulture was sighted here some 30 years ago.

Though they have conducted a number of field trips to here, Reddy has said they never sighted in the recent past.  Six bird species-Black-headed ibis-Painted Stork-River Tern-Oriental Darter-Pallid Harrier- Black-tailed Godwit- listed under near threatened category by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) was also sighted in the Narsapur forest.  He has further said that three species-Indian Spotted Eagle-Greater Spotted Eagle-Woolly necked Stork- listed under vulnerable category by IUCN were also documented in the forest area. Apart from the birds, a number of Leopards, Wild-bears and Wild Dots were also spotted in the forest area.

Dasari Vijay has observed that the State government must put some efforts into the conservation of birds in Narsapur forests such by building nesting stands and resting islands in the middle of water bodies. Vijay has also appealed the government to protect the forest from all kinds of encroachments.

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