Modi trying to stop truth on employment: Rahul

New Delhi, Mar 15 (UNI) Reacting to reports that 108 economists and social scientists have expressed doubts on the credibility of government data, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to stop truth about his “criminal failure” on employment from becoming public.

‘NaMo trying to stop the truth about his criminal failure on employment from becoming public,’ Rahul said in a post on social media.

He also posted on his Twitter account a news report that 108 economists and social scientists have expressed doubts about the credibility of government data.

The report said that a group of 108 economists and social scientists on Thursday questioned the credibility of India’s official data.
The economists, from top Indian and foreign institutes, also called upon their colleagues from across the ideological spectrum to impress upon the government, irrespective of the party in power, “to restore access and integrity to public statistics, and re-establish institutional independence and integrity to the statistical organisations”.

Attacking the NDA Government on the issue, senior Congress leader and former Union Minister P Chidambaram said, “108 eminent academics and scholars have condemned the Modi Government for suppressing unfavourable unemployment data. Government’s likely response: they are anti-nationals.’’

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