International Congress of cell biology ends on a Grand Note

Hyderabad: More than 1100 students and researchers in cell biology from India and 30 different countries came together in Hyderabad for the International Congress for Cell Biology (ICCB 2018) – a tripartite meeting of the International Federation for Cell Biology (IFCB), the Asian Pacific Organization for Cell Biology (APOCB) and the Indian Society of Cell Biology (ISCB) from January 27- 31. This meeting, the first of its kind, was organised by the CSIR – Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) at the Leonia Holistic Destination, Hyderabad.

The congress brought together world class cell biologists to showcase and discuss their work, to facilitate the engagement of Indian researchers with investigators across the globe. The stunning advances in cell science showcased at the meeting will invigorate cell biology research in the country, and potentially seed novel ideas to address our current public health challenges. As part of its outreach programme, the congress organised multiple interactive sessions between visiting scientists, school students and college teachers. Interacting with eminent researchers and listening to their personal journeys would inspire students and educate teachers about scientific research as an exciting career option, where curiosity leads to discoveries about the natural world and advances applications for human benefit.

ICCB 2018 also featured several synergy sessions including a Scientist-Clinician meet, and a panel discussion sponsored by the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board on “Building a Biotech Start-up: Opportunities from Cell Biology”. These sessions provided road maps for researchers to build clinical collaborations and initiate entrepreneurial ventures founded on their discoveries.  The concluding session of the congress focused on how the science policy of 21stcentury should be framed to facilitate a conducive environment for scientific research in the country, to enableadvances in science and technology for national development.

The energy and excitement of young Indian researchers and organization of the event by CCMB was greatly appreciated by several many international participants attending the congress. The positive vibe generated during the meeting bodes well for the future of cell biology research in Indiaand will stimulate productive national and international collaborations and intellectual exchanges. This congress has therefore been an important milestone in showcasing the talent and capabilities of the Indian cell biology community to its global peers.

In concluding ceremony Director of CCMB Dr.Rakesh Mishra, Asia Pacific organization of Cell Biology (APOCB) President & Director of National Centre for Biological Sciences(NCBS), Bangalore Dr.Satyajit Mayor, Indian Society of Cell Biology President Dr.Jagat K Roy Professor at Benarus Hindu University (BHU) and Prof. Shashidhara of IISER deliberated upon the science policy to be adopted by the government of India.

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