Impress Centre for Ednl institutions: Srihari to BJP

Hyderabad, Deputy Chief Minister, K Srihari today criticised the state BJP leaders for making false comments against education schemes in the state. While the Centre is appreciating our education schemes and asking other states to follow us, the state BJP leaders are opposing, he ridiculed.
Addressing a press conference at Secretariat here, the deputy chief minister took exception to the BJP president Dr K Laxman, G Kishen Reddy and Banadaru Dattatreya for failing to talk to the Centre to get more educational institutions to Telangana. These leaders, he said, are not prepared to impress upon the Centre to get more educational institutions on par with the Andhra Pradesh. Though the Centre is showing partisan attitude, the BJP leaders in Telangana are not reacting, Srihari said.
He refuted the charges that the TRS dispensation closed down about 5000 schools, students dropout is at 10 lakhs and failed to fill up posts in education and other sectors. These remarks are totally baseless. ‘During a meeting with Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar in Delhi, I said that the Centre is doing injustice to Telangana in terms of education and giving funds for related schemes’.
Compared to National average, the drop out rate in Telangana is less and the Centre is yet to respond to the pleas of the state government for more institutions like Medical Institution, Kasturbha Gandhi Vidyalaya for Girls, Jawahar Schools and others. ‘I will send related copies to the BJP leaders who can pursue at the Centre’.
Welcoming Muthkupalli Narsimhulu’s statement that the TD in Telangana has to be merged into the TRS, Srihari refused  to respond to a query whether TRS is the splinter group of the TDP. He said that they joined TDP formed by NTR  for self respect of Telugus and now joined for Telangana pride by receiving the call of TRS boss K Chandrasekhar Rao. Srihari opined that it is better if the TD in Telangana is merged with the TRS as it was totally diminished and no public support.

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