Fissures Suddenly Surface In TJAC: Is KCR Now Planning To Decimate Prof. Kodandaram ?

Hyderabad,  After decimating the Opposition parties in the state,  is Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao now diligently moving his pawns to crush the TJAC headed by Prof. M. Kodandaram from emerging as an alternative political adversary in the State ?  This question is gaining importance in political circles following the sudden fissures surfacing in the TJAC.

It is pertinent to note here that the State administration ensured that the “Unemployment Rally” in the city called by Prof. Kodandaram is foiled by using the police machinery to not only arrest Prof. Kodandaram but also scores of other leaders in the wee hours of the day the rally was to take place defying the court and police ban orders.

            Interestingly on the eve of the proposed rally,  TRS leaders including Peddapally MP Balka Suman, who supported and praised Kodandaram to the hilt and responded to his numerous agitation programmes during the thick of the separate Telangana movement, suddenly trained their guns against him for raising his voice against the failure of KCR and TRS government in fulfilling the promise made to the youth to fill up job vacancies in the state.

            What is more,  the same TRS cadre and the leaders of various employees organizations which participated in numerous dharnas, rail rokos and the million march on the call given by TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram and even courted arrest, had now changed tunes after the formation of Telangana State and TRS taking the reins of the state administration. Like the friends turning bitter foes, the TRS leaders have now taking cudgels against TJAC and Kodandaram for exposing the government’s failures in various aspects.

            The TRS and employees leaders who had criticized the erstwhile Congress government for using the police force to crush the Telangana movement, have unhesitatingly employed the same  “brutal force” to foil the unemployed rally recently. As a matter of fact the state administration and the police authorities have even described the students and youth, who had earlier participated in numerous agitations, as extremist and anti-social elements.

            As if not content with making Kodandaram’s unemployment rally an “utter flop”, now efforts seem to be on to split the TJAC by discrediting Kodandaram and his policies. The Opposition parties, especially the Congress and TDP, which have lost credibility and have virtually become spent forces after KCR’s “Operation Akarshan”, have extended support to Kodandaram’s call for unemployment rally. Thus TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram had suddenly emerged as a powerful force to reckon with to take on TRS and KCR.

            After having decimated the Opposition with his “Operation Akarshan”, the Chief Minister had undoubtedly become a power and undisputed political force in the State. But to his chagrin, he seema to have realized that the TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram has become a new thorn in his flesh. With other already weakened Opposition parties rallying round Kodandaram, KCR seemed to have set in motion another operation to checkmate Kodandaram and TJAC from becoming his political nemesis. This is clearly evident from the sudden fissures surfacing in the TJAC  when Pittala Ravinder and two other leaders of the TJAC launched a broadside against Kodandaram and accused him of “feudal mentality”. They even questioned him as to what sacrifices he had made for the cause of separate Telangana and reminded him that they had gifted him the  post of Chairman of TJAC. Thus the sudden outburst of these leaders against Kodandaram only speaks of a “hidden hand” triggering the fissures in TJAC.

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