CAG report exposes hollowness of TRS govt: BJP

Hyderabad: Lashing out at TRS government for giving publicity that the state budget was a surplus budget though the state budget was deficit one, BJP state president Dr K Laxman said that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report has exposed the hollowness of the TRS government. The state government hatched a conspiracy in placing the CAG report on final day of the budget session.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, Laxman said that the TRS government, which was assured that it will construct one lakh double bed room houses to Hyderabad city homeless poor, failed to construct not even 1000 double bed room houses though four years were gone. He said that the BJP would take the CAG report to the people though the TRS government succeeded in seeing that the CAG report not to come for a discussion in Legislative Assembly. The TRS government ridiculed BJP when it said that the ‘panche’ may be detached if the government distributed total funds, he said and expressed happy that their concern was proved by the CAG report with figures. The CAG report clearly mentioned the deceiving of TRS government and the works not to be done by the TRS government, he explained.

Showing the debts as assets of the state indicates the hollowness of the TRS government, which brought huge debts for prestige. More so, the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao stated that there was no state without debts, he reminded. The TRS government’s efforts were only for the sake of votes but not for the sake of development and welfare of the people, he pointed out.

The state government spent Rs.800 crore only for Palamuru-Rangareddy project, he said and alleged that Mission Kakathiya works progress was very slow. About 15 lakh farmers experienced losses due to delay in giving loans, he claimed and questioned the state government to tell as to why it was failed to complete the Mission Bhagiratha though four years were gone. The government was least bothered about increasing number in dropouts in government schools, he lamented and said that the deliveries were decreased in government hospitals. The CAG clearly mentioned in its report that the deliveries in government hospitals not increased after the introduction of KCR Kits.

There were no appointments in Universities across the state, he charged and ridiculed KCR saying that there were no tents and fronts only the defeated parties were uniting in the name of third front. He asked KCR to tell as to what was the situation if the centre failed to assist the DISCOMS, which were in huge loses, and what was the situation of the state if there was no UDAI scheme.  He made it clear that BJP would work along with all sections of the people. Finding fault with opposition parties for stating that the BJP could not win in Tripura and Gujarat states, Laxman said that the BJP grabbed the power in those states. He exuded confidence that the BJP would grab the power in Karnataka elections too. The people of Karnataka were anger at the Siddaramaiah government and the BJP would win on development slogan, he exhorted.

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