Asifa Rapist Should Be Hanged demand by Syed Jaffer Hussain

Syed Jaffer Hussain
A minor girl aged 8 years ASIFA was kidnapped, drugged, gang raped and brutally murderd by the crimnals in Kathua ,Jammu and Kashmir. Such crimes have become a common phenomenon in India more particularly against dalit, backward class and Muslims. This barbaric incident should not be seen with religious angle but two ministers of BJP in Kasmir government attended a rally in support of accused persons which is a political move. In the begining the union ministers , political leaders from BJP and RSS, their spoke persons and electronic media tried to justify their attendance in rally but soon changed their opinion seeing a backlash from the whole India.
The union government did not enact any effective act, the present act could not bring punitive effects on “ male monsters in human form “ and that in fact there was a marked rise in sexual assualts against women and minors in recent times. The hollow slogan “Beti bachao beti padhao” is no where in reality.The gang raped and murder of daughter of India Asifa have shaken the whole nation. How a minor and innocent girl suffered such agony. As report says she was kidnapped , drugged , kept in a temple for few days and gang raped by monsters and finally murderd.
This incident happened three months ago , only few true Indian reported the same but national TV and print media was silent. Now as a political motive RSS and BJP permitted them to higlight it..It is their old strategy to widen the gap between Hindu and Muslim and try to consolidate Hindu vote. Fearing that they have no achievements to present the nation in 2019 election such incidents are highlighted as Hindu /Muslim issue and politicise it.
It is not religious but a political and criminal issue. It shows how “ sab ka sath sab ka vikas” is a bogus slogan. Atrocities against dalit ,ST, SC, sexual assualt against women and minors, brutal murders of poor people, rapes by MLAs and VIPs and other social evils are the features of this government. We do not discuss how economically and finacially the present government failed.
In the case of Asifa it has been seen that how they tried to pre vent the speedy legal proceeding  but now under pressure talking about fast track courts to punish the criminals. We all citizen of India demand death sentence for all the culprits to make effective law for crime against women and minor girls.

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